Nvidia 3D Vision – A Perfect 3D Gaming System

What would you possibly do if you could get your PC turned into a full fledged and dedicated 3D gaming system just at an affordable rate of $260? Yeah, it is possible now, thanks to the recent launch of Nvidia! A launch that has made its competitors look at it in awe! Of course, it is the best possible launch that has given a new best in class 3D game to the gaming world.

Nvidia 3D vision!

The kit comprises of a gorgeous set of 3D goggles, an IR transmitter and Two separate discs that are available with the Nvidia 3D vision drivers. These drivers get installed on the PC hard drive without any hassle that would make you glad certainly. One is not expected to have a PC that has the best configuration of all the essentialities in order to run the 3D application. However it แทงบอลออนไลน์ doesn’t have a support that is rendered for XP users unfortunately.

One is in need of a 3D compatible video display unit so as to use the Nvidia 3D vision gaming utility.It may have an impact on the expenditure that you have to make while you are purchasing all the required items. Samsung Synchmaster that we used is a study VDU that can be even used as a plain and ordinary computer monitor.

We satisfied our desire of playing with few virtual zombies that made us terrified by means of the 3D technology. The game that we played Left 4 Dead was a great pick to get the Nvidia gaming activity going! When you feel this experience you would get to know that all of a sudden your monitor is not the mere idle VDU box that it is! It suddenly gets life and hits you hard with the bulgy and captivating visual appeal.

When we tried our hands on the game Team Fortress we could witness that the game goes well with the 3D scope and is much better than the previous game that we tried out. Both the experiences were impressive but the second one was indeed breathtaking, as it didn’t have that ominous and spooky setting!