Why Scotland Can’t Compete With England

Last night saw Premiership and Champions League Champions Manchester United sweep aside Scottish Champions Celtic in a match that they didn’t even need to get out of second gear for just showing the vastness of the different quality that both leagues contain. It brings up the very important topic of whether or not Scottish teams will ever be able to compete on the same level as English teams ever again.

There was a time when Rangers and Celtic were linked with a move into the Premiership as they looked to try and take advantage of their brand to make more money. At the time this was getting banded about the Scottish clubs would very unlikely have been able to compete with the top four but they wouldn’t have been scared of all the teams in the Premiership as they were still able to get good quality players north of the border. However this has changed very quickly in recent years and the gulf between the talent in Scotland and England looks bigger than ever and even more worryingly it looks like it is increasing.

Scottish clubs simply can’t afford to pay the transfer fees or wages that even the lower end of the Premiership can which has been highlighted further this year with the huge fees paid for players. Rangers managed to get to the UEFA Cup final with a mixture of hard work and luck, they knew they had a team of limited ability but they played to their strengths and it worked but this feat is unlikely to be repeated anytime soon and it looks like there may need to be a change in focus from Scotland’s top teams if they are ever to challenge for European honours ever again.

Scotland will never attract the money that England does and even if it was to get a whole host of billionaires willing to invest in the clubs it doesn’t matter becauseufabet เว็บตรงทางเข้า the simple fact of the matter all the best players want to play in England and why not? It is one of if not the most competitive leagues in the world watched by millions every weekend and even if you play for a small team you have your glamour ties against the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea I can’t see a player of Robinhos quality or anything close coming to Scotland to play away at St Mirren. Scotland needs a change if they are to compete and there is one country that comes to mind that they could follow…… Holland.